WIKI - History of bras [3]

With the growing popularity of jogging and other forms of exercise, it became apparent that there was a need for an athletic garment for women's breasts. Lisa Lindahl, Polly Smith and Hinda Mille invented the first sports bra in the Royall Tyler Theatre at the University of Vermont.
Bras were no longer seen as just a utility, but more so as fashion statement. Designers started incorporating numerous devices to produce varying shapes, cleavage, and to give women bras they could wear with open-back dresses, off-the-shoulder dresses, and plunging necklines, etc.

Though fashions will go in and out, it seems as though the bra is here to stay for quite some time. We have come a long way from the steel and whale-bone corsets from what now seems like the ancient times; and with fashion changing, plastic surgery growing, and other technology advancing, we will always have a long way to go.
Fashion trends will always change, plastic surgery will continue to progress, new technologies have become part of our times, all this makes the assumption that development of bras will not stop and has still a long way to go. Dear ladies, your favorite store with underwear L&M UNDERWEAR will definitely be there! We look forward to all the trend news that will be available in our store as soon as they appear on the market, so you can be part of all the new trends.

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