The color of underwear determines your character :-)

Don't you know what type of person your girlfriend is? Or girls, do you want to know what your lingerie says about you? Pay attention to the color of her / your lingerie. It may tell you a lot!
black - If she prefers black, first of all she is practical. She likes the way black suits all kind of dressing. And even more black color always looks clean. The woman who like black are courageous and strong. They are very ambitious and grave. In their relations with men they are creative and like to be the chief. But sometimes they really need to feel themselves fragile.
White - White is the next popular color of lingerie. Sometimes woman wears white just to emphasize her natural beauty. If she likes white color she is self-confident. She believes that lingerie is not the only thing that attracts men. She is calm and serious. She likes comfort and tenderness. She always does what she promises and never lies.
Blue - Blue color is for those who are creative. If she likes blue, she is passive and never shows the initiative. But they are rather nice and lovely. Mystique is their affinity.
Yellow - Yellow color is for loving, cheery and light-headed person. Be careful, she can be unfaithful to you without even feeling pangs of conscience.
green - If she likes green she will hardly love someone. She likes to be alone all the time. And only when she needs something she will probably let you do it for her.
Red - Red is the color of devil. If she likes it she is crazy, furious, full of life, strong and ambitious. She is always ready to crash and fire. Very often such women are good entrepreneurs.
Crimson - Crimson color lingerie tells its owner is temperament but infantile!

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