Crazy" bras [1]

Japan's lingerie maker Triumph International Japan campaign girl Hiromi Nishiuchi displays the "Konkatsu Bra" or "Husband hunting Bra" at the company's headquarters in Tokyo on May 13, 2009 to encourage women to hunt husband. The bra has a marriage countdown clock and when she inserts her engagement ring in the heart-shaped ring rest affixed between the cups it stops the clock and plays a wedding song.
Another "crazy" bra is again from Japanese firm Triumph International Japan Ltd that has presented a Bra Charger for women with a solar panel. Women can constantly charge their mobile phones or music players.
Thirdly another model from the above-mentioned manufacturers from Japan - with this bra your favorite soup and a cup of rice you can take always with you.
For a casual night out, why not try on one of Lumigram’s Lumitop fiber optic tops? Each one is powered by a compact battery pack connected to a bright LED light source, and provides ample illumination to light up any pair of bra that need a little extra attention.
Have you ever seen bras made of seashells, glass, porcelain or animal byproducts? The pieces bz Laura Jacobs’ creations are amazing.
The Scrolling Message Bra you can have for 500 USD.
La Perla Dragon Bra: Love it or hate it?

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