General principles for maintenance of underwear


  • hand wash the product after each wear in a mild detergent in water up to 40°C

  • if symbols for the maintenance of the product allow machine washing, use the washing bag for fine fabrics

  • do not use fabric softener and bleaching agents when washing

  • do not wring so that you prevent damage or deformation of the product, just softly squeeze water out by hande

  • after washing, make the cups of the bra back to its original shape really carefully by hand

  • do not dry it in direct sunlight or in the tumble dryer, do not iron

  • stored underwear should not be pressed, do not push a cup of the bra into the other one


  • do not wash in a washing machine, hand wash in lukewarm water up to 30°C, gently wring out by hand

  • do not clean chemically, do not use detergents, use soap flakes only

  • do not dry in a tumble dryer or in direct sunlight, do not iron it

  • never leave wet swimwear in a rolled state or in a plastic bag

  • prevent chafing, peeling and abrasion of the material (sitting on rough surfaces, rocks, toboggans, etc.)

  • do not use in pools with high concentration of disinfectants (chlorine, etc.)

  • do not use in the thermal baths with water temperature above 30°C and in the mud baths

If symbols for the maintenance of the purchased product order a different way of care and maintenance, proceed according to these symbols !!!

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