Anatomy of panties [1]

Basic elements

Panties are kinds of soft and close-fitting underwear designed for everyday wear. It is made of a variety of materials and fabrics, including satin, silk, PVC, cotton, nylon, mesh, lace, rawhide, leather, latex, lycra, and polyester etc.

The basic elements of panties:
  • elastic waistband – belt

  • a strip of cloth designed to cover the genitals, it is usually covered with absorbent pad

  • leg openings are as well as belt, made of elastic material

The styles of panties

Classic briefs – rise to the waist, or just below the navel, and have full coverage in the rear. It features sides that extend below the hip.
High-cut briefs – is designed with sides that are somewhat narrower.
Control briefs – are special and designed to offer support whilst giving a slimmer appearance. This type usually contains a stretch material such as spandex and may extend above the waist.
Hipsters – are similar to briefs, but are worn lower down the body, with the waistband around the hips.
Bikini – sit at hip level, like the Hipsters, but the fabric of the side sections is narrower. With the string bikini type, the side sections disappear altogether and the waistband consists of only string-like material. The rear coverage of the bikini is not as concealing as the design of the brief. Bikini is the most widely worn style amongst women worldwide.
Boyleg or Boyshorts – are a feminine analogy of men's briefs that go all the way down the hips and are designed to fit and flatter woman´s figure, this style usually has a lower cut.
Tangas – provide full rear coverage, but the waistband is reduced to a narrow strip at the sides.
Thongs – have a waistband similar to tangas, but the rear coverage is not as full. The crotch is extended to the back of the wearer and a narrow strip of fabric fits between the buttocks, becoming wider towards the top.

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