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Gift Vouchers
  • USE:

    • for a single purchase at the retail stores L&M UNDERWEAR

    • six months from the date of purchase – once expired, it is neither possible to use the voucher for any purchase nor claim any cash or other non-cash compensation

    • the voucher is valid only if its protective elements, store stamp and cash receipt*) proving its purchase are intact

    • the voucher is not valid if the voucher, its protective elements or the cash receipt*) proving its purchase are damaged

    • the entire nominal value of voucher must be used for a single purchase – no change can be disbursed at any case from the voucher

    • CUSTOMER POINTS are credited to the customer card / CUSTOMER LOYALTY CARD is issued once the GIFT VOUCHER is used for the payment, not when the voucher itself is purchased

Customer purchasing the GIFT VOUCHER agrees to the terms of use.

*) does not apply to corporate bulk quantities ordering of invoice for the purpose of employee benefits or vouchers
issued on promotional and other specified purposes

For corporate bulk quantities for purposes of employee benefits, when ordering 20 pieces of gift vouchers of the same nominal value, we provide one additional free voucher of the same nominal value (i.e. 20 + 1 free). The benefit applies to any multiple of 20 pieces of gift vouchers of the same nominal value within one order.

In case of a dispute, wording of these rules in Slovak language prevails and it is governed by valid legal regulations under the jurisdiction of the Slovak legal system

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