The brands of products that we have or used to have in our range? [1]

Lüks Belinay company was founded in under the name BENAY TEKSTİL, and changed its name to Belinay® in 1998. The brand offer lively and comfortable products with rock bottom prices but providing perfect quality and service mentality, we aim to become one of the most prominent companies in the world.
The Fap company that owns the brand Bellissima® was established in 1958 as a S.N.C Company. It occupies an area of 40.000 square meters and employs over 300 workers. Since 2002, Fap’s own brand “ Bellissima”, has been offering a large collection of stockings, tights, seamfree underwear, corsetry and beachwear.
Fila® is one of the world's largest sportswear manufacturing companies but it also manufacture underwear. Founded in 1911 in Italy. The company's primary product was originally underwear, before moving into sportswear in the 1970s. In 2007, the global Fila brand and all its international subsidiaries were acquired by Fila Korea from SBI, which made it the largest South Korean sportswear company. In 2009, ANTA Sports acquired the rights to use the brand in China. Fila now has offices in 11 countries worldwide.
FORMeasy® brand was established in 2004 and it has only been manufacturing body shaping garments. We have 25 different products designed for different body parts. All stages of production process of these products, from design to quality control, are being inspected to reach the best quality standards. It has enabled that FORMeasy, has become one of the leading brands in its sector with its rigorous work and high quality production principle.
The FERAX company, the owner of the Gatta® brand was established in 1993. The years of intensive development and investment into modern machines have resulted in becoming the leader - currently the company is one of the biggest and most modern factories in Europe. The company, as an expression of customer trust and highest quality, has been awarded Złoty Laur Konsumenta (Consumer’s Golden Laurel) five times, the prize awarded to products which are most often chosen by the consumers, recommended to others and positively evaluated.
The high quality underwear brand Gatta Active® is manufactured by FERAX company. It’s designed for active movement and sport. You can find thermal underwear, sportswear and accessories in its offer. (view also Gatta brand above)
Since 2011, the brand Guard® owned by Triola has been producing men's swimwear. More information about the brand Triola can also be found on this page.
Brothers Paul and Maurice Marciano opened their first store GUESS® in upscale Beverly Hills, Los Angeles area in 1981. Their models have taken recognition and soon became a favorite among lovers of luxury fashion brands. GUESS except underwear manufactures a wide range of clothing, including children's textiles, fashion accessories, sunglasses, perfumes, watches and home accessories. In 2011 GUESS already celebrated its 30-th anniversary.
Since 2005, the brand Charme® owned by Triola company has been producing women's underwear characterized by its luscious lace and embroidered tulle for emphasizing the elegance, charm and beauty of woman. More information about the brand Triola can also be found on this page.
The brand was founded in 1993 in Romania. Jolidon® also becomes one of the major players of the international market of underwear and swimwear. Jolidon products are exported throughout Europe but also in the United States, Canada, Japan or South Africa, Lebanon and Israel.
The brand Key® was founded in Poland in 1991 where it presented its first collection of women's underwear. Besides women's underwear Key currently also offers men's and children's underwear of the highest quality.
Leilieve® is the Italian company, established in 1961 by the famous Italian designer Manicardi, manufacturing ladies and gentlemen’s designer underwear. Almost since the beginning Leilieve has been recognized as a symbol of reliability, contemporary design, perfect fit, high quality and affordable prices. The company utilizes the best textile materials specially designed for sensitive skin and for a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin. The brand Leilieve creates a nice silhouette and emphasizes curves of a female figure in combination with comfort perfect cut and style.
LikeYOU® brand is produced by Triola since 2013. The collection of lingerie is designed for large busted women with tender chest (from 65 cm) with size of baskets from D to J. All models of this brand includes a number of functional elements such as:
  • solid and steady bra-band, which is important for fixing large breasts
  • functional straps with low elasticity
  • low central part which does not interfere with deep neckline
  • variable self-adjustable underwire, which are perfectly adapted to your needs
More information about the brand Triola can also be found on this page.
Lilly® by ERRECI Corsetteria represents the perfect combination of the classic and stylistic lines and technological innovations in underwear fashions. Lilly Italia was founded in 1981, and currently produces more than three million pieces of garments every year.
The Lormar® company was founded in Italy in 1971. In a relatively short period of time their products got recognition and leadership in Italian fashion industry. In 2008 after acquisition by PIELLE, Lormar became part of the Group of about 800 direct and indirect workers, with a year production of more than 8 million pieces of underwear, manufactured in the premises with the area of 14.000 square meters.

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