The brands of products that we have or used to have in our range? [2]

The brand Madonna® owned by Lormar produces women's underwear characterized by luscious lace and embroidered tulle for emphasizing the elegance, charm and beauty of women. More information about the brand Lormar can also be found on this page.
In 1950 the French designer Pierre Cardin founded his own company which was named after him. The company currently manufactures well-known products for women and men such as clothes and accessories, perfumes, watches, glasses, furniture and many other products. Pierre Cardin® holds more than 500 designer, architectural, advertising and entertaining patents. In the fashion industry Pierre Cardin is the only one awarded so many times.
Italian brand Sielei® was established in 1976 in Cognento, Modena by International Lingerie giant Intima Moda. Sielei combines excellent Italian craftsmanship, superb style, fit and quality all at a very attractive price. Incredible Italian design with careful attention to detail. Inspired by ever changing fashion trends, Sielei appeals to the modern consumer looking for comfortable yet glamorous underwear that is sure to make a lasting impression.
The Triola® company was founded in Czechoslovakia in 1919. Ever since its primary production has been corsets for women and underwear of all kinds for ladies, men and boys. Triola is currently one of the best known Czech brands whose products obtained prestigious award CzechMade.

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