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A mankini, popularized in the 2006 film Borat, is a sling-like swimsuit worn by men.
Woman´s bust has no muscle in it and that is why it depends on an outside source of support to keep its shape. Most of common bras on the market are only covers for your breasts and do not support them.
90% of the bra support is provided by the band and only 10% come from the shoulder straps.
Sleeping facedown won’t deflate your breasts, but it can make them misshapen over time.
One style of bra may fit one woman just right and be absolutely wrong for someone else, even though the size is the same.
As of 20 years ago the average age of a teen starting with her new bra was 13, nowadays girls are starting their first bras at 8.
Brassieres are worn by the great majority of women in Western society. Estimates about what proportion of Western women wear bras varies, but most surveys report from 75% to 95%.
In 2011, 58-year-old Jilly Johnson was chosen as a model by British seller of textile products Debenhams. After 30 years of marching on the catwalks, she still looks great!
In the 70's, built-in nipple bras were very popular.
Japan's experimental underwear made their space debut when Japanese astronaut Takao Doi wore the clothing during his two-week flight in March 2008. But Wakata's mission, during his 4 ½-month stay aboard the International Space Station, is to first to put the clothes to a month-long odor test.

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